Small staff? Big mission?

Get an effective, unique website that leaves more time for what you do best.

Effective Websites

Beautiful designs handmade to further your ministry or business goals. Leave the cookie-cutter looks to gingerbread men.

Design Details

Easy to Update

Fast, precise, and simple, yet flexible. You've never seen anything like our CMS before, but it will make your life easier.

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Simple Pricing

A new or redesigned website costs $3,500 to $5,500. See details for logo and branding design, multiple sites, and add-ons.

Pricing Details

  • Joshua Paine

    Tampa, FL

    Joshua has been writing software for the web for almost fifteen years. He enjoys creating tools to help people solve their own problems. At Christian Web Maker, he's the project manager and lead software developer.

  • Ricky Jones

    Pasadena, CA

    Ricky applies his considerable web design talents especially to Catholic parishes, ministries, and businesses. He thinks a parish website should represent the beauty of the Church and the diversity and faith of the people.

  • Eddie Lepp

    Williamsburg, VA

    Eddie and his wife, Mindy, operate a full-service Virginia design firm. At Christian Web Maker, he brings his multi-disciplinary expertise and Evangelical perspective to church and business website design and branding.

How long does this take?

If you can provide us with information and decisions quickly, your new or redesigned website will typically launch within three weeks.

However, many customers need more time to collect their own thoughts and materials and process our recommendations. It's cool—we're patient.

Do we do business websites?

Yes! We have a special place in our heart for church websites, but if your business is consistent with our values and we think we can do a good job for you, then we'll be delighted to work with you.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is simply doing what you can to make sure that your site appears high in the list of results when someone searches Google or Bing for something you could help with.

SEO is a field rife with snake oil and ways to spend a lot of money without getting very far. You should read our Free SEO Guide.