Who Are We?

Joshua grew up in Tampa, went to college and met his wife, Nora, in South Carolina, survived a five-year exile in the cold of Maryland, and has been happily living back in Tampa since 2008.

Joshua and Nora have been blessed with four children. The oldest thinks his dad's work is pretty cool, but not as cool as programming computer games would be.

Joshua has been writing software for the web for fifteen years. He enjoys creating tools to help people solve their own problems—tools like our content management system. At Christian Web Maker, he's the project manager and lead software developer.

Ricky hails from the desert metropolis of Phoenix, where he found his love for God, his wife, and the web. They moved to sunny southern California in 2007 and enjoy possibly the greatest weather this side of Heaven with their baby boy.

Ricky has been designing for the web for ten years. Creating websites that look as good as they function is one of his greatest passions.

Ricky applies his considerable web design talents especially to Catholic parishes, ministries, and businesses. He thinks a parish website should represent the beauty of the Church and the diversity and faith of the people.

Eddie and his wife, Mindy, operate a full-service branding and design firm based out of Williamsburg, VA. There they raise their two beautiful daughters, and as a side business, write monthly reviews of some of the best restaurants Williamsburg has to offer.

Eddie has been working as a designer for almost fifteen years now, focusing on the importance of strategy and visual design in helping organizations grow. He strongly believes that his job is not just to create a "pretty" website for you, but to create one that helps you achieve your organization's goals. His mission is simple—to help you succeed.

At Christian Web Maker, Eddie brings his passion, multi-disciplinary expertise and Evangelical perspective to church and business website design and branding.