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$ 3,500

  • 3 Page Layouts
  • Adapt Existing Logo
  • CMS, Hosting, Security, & Updates Free for One Year


$ 7,500

  • 6 Page Layouts
  • Create Logo & Branding
  • Free Sermon Hosting Setup
  • CMS, Hosting, Security, & Updates Free for One Year

Bring Your Design

$ 1,500

  • 4 Page Layouts
  • Our Software, Your Design
  • CMS, Hosting, Security, & Updates Free for One Year
  • All our easy-to-use core CMS features.

  • Free upgrades to select new features as they're developed.

  • Responsive technical support by email and phone—usually from the actual software developer.

  • 20GB of storage, enough for hundreds of hours of audio or thousands of photos and documents.

  • 100GB of data transfer per month.

  • Software security updates and nightly website backups.

You can leave and take your site with you. Hi, Joshua here—lead developer on our CMS. If you decide after your first year (or second, or third...) that our content management tools aren't worth the annual subscription cost, you can leave the tools and take your site to almost any standard web host. I'll be pretty surprised if you take that option, by I think it's important that you know you have it.

Most of our customers already have a serviceable logo and brand identity. If you don't, or your organization's identity needs a serious overhaul, the Complete package above is for you.

We'll take the time to work with you; research your organization, culture, and market; and develop a strong logo, color scheme, and distinctive visual style for your organization.

If your organization needs more than one website, we're pleased to offer a discount of 25% off the initial design and setup and 50% off the annual subscription cost for all websites after the first.

Note: If the current package is more expensive than all prior packages, the initial 25% discount is based on the highest prior package cost.

Sermon Hosting

Sermon hosting requires three additional template variations, which do not count against your total number of page layouts.

$500 Setup

More Layouts

Sites with a particularly rich feel may require even more distinct page layouts. We're up for it, but prices will vary.


Service Integration

Most third-party services can be added to your Christian Web Maker website by simple copy and paste. For special cases, we're on the job.

$500+ Setup

Custom Mobile

All our websites are tested on popular mobile devices and work well. You only need this item if you require a distinct mobile experience.

$1,000 Setup